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AnaCipher CRO has three clinical pharmacology units (CPUs) that house 103 beds with monitoring stations and phlebotomy stations, separate dining areas and recreation areas.

  1. Database of over 10,000 healthy human volunteers
  2. Biometric-based software for volunteer registration
  3. CTVR (Common Trial Volunteer Registry) to avoid the cross participation
  4. Independent Ethics Committee registered with DCGI
  5. 103-bed state-of-the-art facility
  6. Investigators trained in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support course certified by American Heart Association
  7. Equipped with nurse calling systems
  8. Equipped with sodium vapor lamps (for light-sensitive drugs)
  9. Each CPU consists of phlebotomy stations, sample processing and storage area with dedicated deep freezers and centrifuge
  10. 4-bed well equipped ICU facility
  11. Tie-up with multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals
  12. 24 hours Ambulance facility
  13. State-of-the-art pharmacy equipped with normal and walk-in humidity chambers. Restricted access controls and surveillance systems